You, me and them was just as good as I hoped.  

Have you downloaded it? or watched on the telly? if you downloaded mind you pointing to the direction to a download link?

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Where can I watch online/torrent download/download you me and them? Can’t find it anywhere! thank you!


She’s got a six-month old. You find her living in the most remote part of the world, this tiny little cottage on the edge of a cliff, no roads in to or out of it. What we find out is that this idyllic chocolate box is completely kicked up to the hilt, armed with every weapon known to man including a rocket launcher, every kind of missile, knife, gun, anything. She’s prepared for war. She’s hysterical.  What runs through her veins is Torchwood. It’s her drug, her adrenaline.— Eve Myles



Estamos tratando de que pasen “The Day of the Doctor” en Argentina. Nos pueden ayudar usando el hashtag #DoctorWhoEnCines en Twitter o Facebook. Además, si son de Argentina, pueden firmar la petición para que lo pasen por Cinemark. ¡Muchas gracias!

Hello everyone! Doctor Who fans in Argentina (including myself) are trying to get “The Day of the Doctor” at the local cinemas. You can help by using the #DoctorWhoEnCines hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re from Argentina, you can also sign the petition linked above. Thanks!


For Anto.

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My life these days.

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