Another adventure somewhere in Time and Space is over for The Doctor and the Ponds and as they return to the TARDIS to go somewhere else, the familiar sound of it flying off starts increasing as they get closer. The three look at each other and start running towards it before it lands without them.

The Doctor opens the door nervously and they get inside just in time, to find a female blond in a white tuxedo, flying the machine.

- Ah… excuse me, hello, hi. How did you… get in here? – The Doctor inquires as the Ponds walk towards the strange girl who didn’t look at them, not for a second.
- My sonic screwdriver got a signal of a TARDIS and I had to come and look at it for myself, and better steal it. I’m bored of this planet.
- You’ve got a sonic screwdriver? – Rory asked.
- umm… yeah, all of us Time Lords and Time Ladies have one. – She finally lifted her head and looked at Rory, showing him her sonic screwdriver which looked almost exactly like The Doctor’s but instead of a green light, it had a pink one.
- Doctor, I thought you said they were… all dead… - Amy turned to the Doctor but eyeing the strange girl behind them. 
- They… are. Who are you? 
- What, you really thought you were THE only one? Is he always this arrogant or just when he feels threatened? – The girl asked Rory. He opened his mouth to answer but wasn’t very sure of what to say so when he saw Amy looking at him with her ‘don’t you dare’ face, he felt relieved and simply stood there as The Doctor fought back. 
- I do not feel threaten… I just… it’s impossible!
- Yes, well, keep telling yourself that, I still exist. So, let’s see, we could split the humans, I’ll take the pretty one, - she pointed at Rory. – And with your TARDIS I could easily build one for myself… I just need another police box… or a phone booth will do actually. Anyways, Earth? – She started to drive the TARDIS again. – Which century are you from? – Again, she talked to Rory. – By the looks of it, somewhere in the 21, the beginning of it. Am I right?
- uhh… yeah… Two thousand and… - Rory started answering but Amy grabbed his arm a little bit too hard. – Ouch! Why did you do that for?
- Don’t talk to the crazy Time Lady!
- Why? You talked to one of them first! – Rory pointed to The Doctor.
- Doctor, do something! – Amy turned around to him with her eyes wide open.
- Yes, okay, this was fun and all but you can’t take the human and build your own TARDIS because you can’t be a Time Lady!
- Then why did I just… land us on Earth, year 2011? London, to be more specific.
- You… what? – The Doctor turned around and opened the TARDIS door to find themselves by the Thames on 2011. – How did you do that!?
- I thought Time Lords were supposed to be really smart. – she walked up to him… – My dad is… - and tried to get out of the TARDIS but The Doctor closed the door.
- You are not leaving the TARDIS until you explain yourself, young lady.
- And you sound exactly like him. Did you recently regenerate? Used to be tall and really skinny? Messy hair and used to wear a blue suit?
- Who are you!?
- I’m Rose and The Doctor’s daughter. I’ve also got some of Donna’s genes? I don’t know, I never listen when they try to explain the whole thing.
- You are Rose daughter?
- Aw, how sweet, The Doctor still has a little crush on my mom.
- So… she is a Time Lady? And you know her parents? – Rory asked confused.
- He used to date my mom.
- Date? I wouldn’t call it that… we… we travelled together. But you were supposed to be in the parallel world! You can’t be here, it’s also impossible!
- Yes, whatever, can we go get my phone booth now?
- Yes Doctor, can we go get her phone booth before she gets someone else? – said Amy.
- Oh come on, you have to give me one of the humans! It’s a family tradition!
- Okay, listen to me, whoever you are. He is my husband and you are not taking him anywhere!
- You are supposed to be in love with him; - she pointed to her side, at the Doctor – not with another human, that’s so boring.
- Why don’t you… stay with us? – The Doctor invited her.
- Doctor? – asked Amy.
- No, thank you. I want to travel on my own. I’ll have to find my own human then… - she looked at Rory. – shame… you sure you don’t want to come, right?
- umm… I… - Rory mumbled.
- He is very sure. – Amy answered for him.
- Okay, well, let me just build my own TARDIS and off I go to see this new universe!- Alright, alright. But… you know all the rules, right?
- Yeah, yeah, never interfere with history events that are fixed points in time. Never cross your own time line except for cheap tricks, always bring a banana to a party; don’t let the companions wonder off, don’t blink, wibbly wobbly time wimey stuff. 
- Well the… let’s go find that phone booth… 

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